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VIDEO: See What This Baby Was Doing That Got People Reacting.

Every man's dream is to have a beautiful baby, especially a girl. A baby was recorded by her father, and that got fans reacting. The baby was trying to shed crocodile tears. The father can be heard when he was recording her saying "everybody look at my baby, she is trying to cry false cry." Anytime the father says that, the baby stops crying as if she understood what he was saying. And if she understood too, I would be very surprised because I think she is too young to understand anything and I don't even think she can talk because she might be like six months old.

The baby really got people's reactions after seeing her video. She is a very beautiful baby, and her facial expression is winning most of the hearts online, according to their comments on the video. Some users see the baby as the most beautiful thing they have come across online today. Some users also loved how the baby was trying to shed crocodile tears and stopped whenever the father interfered. Below are some reactions from users online.

The video is really interesting to watch. Click the link below if you like to watch the video.

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