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Childbirth is a crime in some parts of Volta region

Dove, a Ghanaian village where childbirth is illegal, is situated in the Volta region's central tongu. Pregnant women must be whisked away from town before giving birth in this place. The ancestor who discovered the land was said to have heard a voice from the sky telling him that the land was sacred and should be preserved as such. Pregnant Women have to be carried or rushed out of the land immediately they're in labour. This belief supercedes all the superstitions in the volta region. I wonder how it became people's hometown because no one was born there. Woe betides anyone who contradicts the laws of the Dove land because the elders and gods are ever ready to sanction and humiliate that culprit.

This is not the only belief in the Dove Community. The other taboos include no rearing of animals and no burials in the village. As at now, there's is no past or present record of any cemetery in the village. This thing is indeed heartbreaking. Dove is indeed a powerful village where superstition is a strong belief.

At the moment, young women in the village are pleading heavily on the elders to consult the gods on their behalf to enable them deliver their babies safe and sound without the associated struggles of having to be rushed to other neighboring town.

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