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Must Watch – I Strangely Got Pregnant During Family Planning And That Caused My Son Deformity.

Child Got Deformed During Contraceptive Pills And Injections.

How Family Planning Caused The Deformity Of My Son

A wise one once said we should know them for their ability and not their disability. Every family or couple’s wish is to control childbirth (family planning) when things seem not going well financially. The sad and touching story of a Kenyan woman called Denis is very shocking when she got pregnant when she was on contraceptive pills to prevent unintended pregnancy. Some call her son a monster but this woman calls him a gift from God.

According to this woman, when she got married to her husband and started making a family, things started not going well since the husband did not have a stable income to take care of the family as well as the children. Denis explained that she and her husband came up with a solution to their situation by adopting the family planning method which included taking pills and injections. Everything seemed successful after their second born, she said. After some time, she started having severe pains in her belly and visited the nearby hospital for treatment. Upon diagnosing what her condition was, the doctor confirmed that she was pregnant.

Denis and her husband wondered how that was possible since she was using the pills and going for the injection every three months. She had no option than to accept the fact that she was pregnant. When the time was due for her to deliver her baby, she was taken to the nearby hospital and upon checks, the nurses realized that they had to perform surgery on her for safe delivery.

To the shock of the nurses, the baby was the kind they have not seen in their life before. Early surgery was performed on the baby just for him to have a normal look but things changed when he started growing up. She said that probably her son’s condition was caused when she continue using the pills and injections after she got pregnant.

Denis’ son’s condition is identified as Frontonasal dysplasia, possible encephalocele. There is surgery to bring the sides of the face closer together. With his eyes so far apart he would lack binocular vision.

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