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Woman Born With No Womb And Told She'd Never Be A Mum Celebrates Baby Joy

Sitting inside the birthing pool to assist deliver the infant she concept she may want to ­never have, Kitty Cunning­ham glowed with pleasure.

Aged just sixteen, she turned into given the crushing information that she had been born without a womb and in the following years, the prospect of motherhood regarded far-flung.

But these days she tells of her happiness after the delivery of son Jasper – and says she has to turn out to be high-quality buddies with the surrogate who made her dream come true.

Kitty, an operations director from Nottingham, stated: “My husband said whilst he becomes 20 he would rather have me without babies than babies with someone else. Now he’s were given each – it’s just the maximum wonderful feeling.”

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Kitty, 32, suffers from Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser syndrome, which ends up inside the uterus being ­underdeveloped or even absent.

Only one in 5,000 girls have the circumstance inside the UK and in Kitty’s case, she had ovaries to provide eggs however no womb in which pregnancy should expand.

But her dream of motherhood became a truth after she met Jemma Black, 34, a full-time mum and new surrogate who changed into pregnant with every other ­couple’s baby at the time.

Kitty and husband James, 31, an income director, get on well with Jemma, right away becoming top friends.

Three months after turning in her first surrogate toddler, Jemma supplied to help Kitty and have become pregnant with their toddler through IVF in January.

And she gave birth to Jasper, who weighed 9lb 3oz, at 3.43 am on October 4 at home in Birmingham – with the thrilled parents with the aid of her facet.

Looking again at her teenage trauma, Kitty says she became blindsided while medical doctors advised her the only way she might ever be capable of having her very own biological child turned into via surrogacy.

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