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“My dad said we can learn trade” – Kofi Bentil recounts unforgettable moments he had with his father.

Parents play critical role in the upbringing of a child, especially lads. They guide, counsel and direct their kids in life by living an exemplary lifestyle or encouraging them to achieve certain purpose in life.

However, some irresponsible parents, especially fathers can scurrilously abuse and intentionally evade their core duties as parents at the expense of their kids future. They sometimes prescribe a profession for their kids in order to justify their irresponsibleness and cavalier attitude.

Irresponsible fathers shift all the burdens to their wives at the detriment of their kids wellbeing. The most dangerous aspect of it all is when a child has both irresponsible mother and father. It's like an orphan without a parental care on streets. The outcome could be scary. 

Yesterday, May 9, 2021 the Vice President of IMANI Center for Policy and Education, Kofi Bentil, eulogised her mother for her unconditional sacrifice she made towards his education. 

According to him, he wouldn’t have gone to school without his mother’s support and encouragement. This is because his father told him to learn a trade after he refused to pay for his fees. 

He wrote that,

“My dad said we can learn trade, so he didn’t bother to pay school fees.”

Nonetheless, Kofi Bentil stipulated in his Facebook post that he has acquired some technical skills despite being a legal practitioner. 

“I prefer where I am today. I do engineering, carpentry, electrical and plumbing work. Apart from being a lawyer. So it’s better this way”, he said.

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IMANI Center for Policy Kofi Bentil


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