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Pregnancy period

Is The Baby In Her Womb Safe? Reactions As A Pregnant Woman Was Caught Twerking On Social Media

The way ladies are using social media this days is becoming serious as they don't normally think about the imprecation which might arise after showing some part of their body on social media.

This days what is normally trending on social media is ladies exposing some part of their body with the intention to gain fame, like and comments. This made the youth this days see it as a normal thing which they can also do to gain fame on social media.

One thing most people has noticed on social media is that, some of the female celebrities are seen online as they display their pregnancy to inform the public and their fans.

According to a video causing confusion on social media, a pregnant lady was spotted on TikTok dancing with her pregnancy. In the video, you would see this beautiful lady shaking her backside to confuse her fans on social media.

You would see how excited this pregnant woman was as she twerk on social media. This sparks reaction as one of her fans advises her to stay out of social media for safety reasons. According to one of her fans she wrote as “ madam!!! here is Africa! evil eye is real. It's better to do those videos in secret and later release them after giving birth. A humble advice”

The pregnancy woman replied the lady and those was advising her to stay away from social media from some times. She said “ Are you their secretary or chairman. Then go and tell them am covered with blood of Jesus”

Well, it seems the lady was exercising her body in term of shaking her body by twerking. Exercise is good for the body and therefore it is advisable for everyone to exercise their body to keep fit and strong.

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