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Finally, The Teenage Pregnancy Statistics For The Year 2020 Is Out. Ashanti Region Tops

Teenage pregnancy and the subsequent teen motherhood are two of the most serious social issues facing today's world. In Western industrialized countries, the issue has sparked as much research and policy debate as any other. As in the western world, so in Africa's less developed countries. Ghana is a country where According to one survey, nearly one-third of all births are unregistered. Women under the age of 19 were admitted to public hospitals. In rural areas and small to medium-sized cities, the situation is much more dire. which are often under-represented in reports on hospital births.

The loss of parental income, poverty, parental neglect, sexual harassment and violence (defilement/rape), curiosity and risky adolescent behaviors, as well as a lack of adolescent and reproductive health education in most societies, are all factors that contribute to teenage pregnancies.

The lockdown must have had effect on this situation, with the Ashanti region leading the tally.

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