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Husband and wife relationship

Photos: Epic reactions when husbands joined their wives in the labor room

Women go through a lot before being able to finally deliver when they are pregnant.

The process is filled with a lot of ups and downs. However, the final stage, thus delivery, is often marked by painful labor, at times, leading to complications. In most cases, the husbands of the pregnant wives tend to be very supportive and if they are able to accompany their wives to the labor room, these husbands are often unable to hide their emotions.

It is not all the time that husbands choose to join their wives in the labor room. However, the few times that it has happened has been worth it. In our side of the world, men are known to show little to no emotions. However, in respect of child birth, the men are unable to hide what they feel.

Below are some instances where husbands joined their wives in the labor room… provide psychological support during the child birth……

Some of these husbands fainted while others looked on with fear and uncertainty.

See the photos below:


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