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Husband and wife relationship

Lady Shares Why Her Husband Doesn't Want Her To Take Any Medication After She Got Pregnant For Him

A lady by the name of Adiza Kadija who is a Muslim opened up on why her husband didn't allow her to take any medication given to her at the hospital after she conceived. According to the lady, she got married to her husband, who already has a first wife and went to stay with him and her co-wife a few years ago. Adiza said she was very happy when she got pregnant with her husband, although the man gave her money to go for antenatal care at the hospital but he didn't allow her to take any of the medication the doctors gave to her.

Her husband explained to her that his friend who is a nurse has revealed to him that those medicine will affect their unborn baby that's why he will not let her take in that medicine. She too was afraid that her unborn baby will not be healthy if she doesn't take the medicine. Adiza said she fought with him concerning this issue, left the house and went to stay with her friend for some time. What made her sad is that her husband rather insulted her that she is a second-hand woman.

She got upset and decided not to continue with the marriage again. Also, she gave an amount of GH11,000 to her husband but after she left her husband's house, he doesn't want to give the money back to her. The lady added that she informed her family members about her marital problems. Her father called the man to ask him the reason why he is maltreating her, to their surprise he insulted his father-in-law for trying to confront him concerning this accusations.

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Adiza Adiza Kadija


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