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Meet Ayeyi The Forever Happy Kid Who Was Born With Osteogenesis Imperfecta

Osteogenesis imperfecta is a rare medical disorder in which a soft bone forms in children who are born with it. Handling such children necessitates a great deal of patience and determination, as even the smallest error could result in injury. As a result, doctors give parents instructions or procedures on how to treat such children.

Ayeyi has reached the age of ten. She was born with a brittle or soft bone, but that hasn't stopped her from being happy, as the little girl is still smiling. DJ Ohemaa Woyeje of Angel Fm interviewed the mother of this beautiful angel today, and she revealed a lot about her daughter.

When her mother gave birth to her, the doctors encouraged her to never give up on her. My dear wife, if you weep and die because of our child, remember that I need you too,” her husband added.

Ayeyi enjoys singing and reading and is fluent in English as well as other languages such as French. She has yet to release a song that she worked on with her parents. Ayeyi was called on the phone to express her feelings, and the little girl said something that gave many people goosebumps.

“My bones may be broken, but my heart and mind are never broken,” she said. The mother-daughter relationship seems to be one-of-a-kind, as she said on the call, "Mummy, please come home."

Her parents established a foundation for children suffering from this type of illness. Ayeyi is a truly remarkable young lady. Ayeyi, may God bless you. Many people look up to you as an inspiration.

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