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Pregnancy period

13 Mistakes Pregnant Women Make

As we fight maternal mortality in Africa, it's significant that we likewise take a look at insignificant things that ladies do that add to these events or occurrences and how we can keep them from occurring. 

Some are recorded beneath 

1. Pregnant woman won't begin antenatal early. This can be perilous particularly if by some stroke of good luck a home pregnancy test was done. Imagine a scenario in which it's understood that is an ectopic development or something different. Different conditions will likewise be recognized and treated instantly to forestall further complications 

2. Pregnant woman won't take her prescriptions. Some women refuse to take drugs prescribed for their conditions. This can exasperate their side effects and so on leading to other conditions like preeclampsia, diabetes, sickle cell etc 

3. She will not go for review or check-up. Review is vital. Clinical staff can identify what you can't see as an eager mum during review periods. Laboratory examinations can likewise help. 

4. She won't report early when there is a complication. Early finding and treatment is vital, in the treatment of any condition. If it happens that you feel unwell the best is to report early. 

5. Pregnant woman Wil conceive an offspring at home with no trained birth attendant or health expert.

6. Pregnant woman is not able to recognize the danger signs of pregnancy, example.. Severe headache, palpitations etc 

7. Some won't listen to simple instructions due to mental health issues

8. She will refuse medical procedures like cesarean section, blood transfusion etc

9.When she is referred to another emergency clinic, she will won't go because of fear thereby worsening her overall condition 

10. Helpless self consideration rehearses. Not eating admirably, helpless individual cleanliness and so forth This makes her pallid and inclined to disease 

11. She takes information from people who are not health professionals. "Home doctors". This is perilous since it can influence you adversely 

12. After birth she will not wait a little before getting pregnant again. Especially few weeks after a cesarian section. This increases your risk for ruptured uterus if you are not properly monitored

13.She will not save or plan for birth. There are instances when one needs money for emergency procedures, but due to financial constraints there is delay and it can cost the woman's life

Finding ways to resolve these couple of issues will go far to keep away from the unnecessary maternal deaths in Africa.

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