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Opinion: Is It Wise For Man To Be Allowed Into Labour Room? See This Photo That Got People Talking

Pregnancy is not an easy thing for many women, just that it's a necessary expectation for any woman. The reasoning behind not granting a father an automatic right to be present during birth is basically that the delivery is really a medical procedure for the mother. 

Since child birth can also come with complications, forcing a mother to accept a father in the delivery room can cause unwanted stress on the mother and complicate the delivery.

If only men knew the pains women go through in the labour room to deliver their babies. Sometimes, women lose their lives along the line. A picture of a terrified man in the labour room with his wife in labour has caused mixed reactions. The look on the man's face narrates the pain women go through in labour. 

Should men be allowed inside labour rooms? Is it men's right to be in the labour room with their wives? Would you allow your husband to be in the labour room with you? 


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