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Did you know your diet affects your heights and weights

Despite scientist have indicated that hereditary could affect the heights and the general body shape of a child, it has also been discovered that, diets equally share some percentage of natural growth in Humans.

Basically, most stunt growth in children aren't caused by the type of genes the parents are associated with, but the type of food given to this children at birth especially the adequacy of the breast milk which serves as liquid protein for children at their infancy. This liquid protein is further broken down by Renin, an enzyme produced in the gastric juice.

The protein in turn provides rapid development in babies and repairs worn out tissues. It is surprising how some children develop faster than others despite their age similarities and place of birth.

While growing and reaching their adolescent years, some well to do parents readily assist their children in getting a well balanced meal which continues to build up both the Physical and mental health of this children

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