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Pregnancy period

When the pregnancy test kit either becomes a friend or an enemy

As teenage girls most of our Ghanaian parents cautioned us never to bring pregnancy home else we were going to be chased out of the house. They talked about it incessantly; from wee hours of the day till sunset as though 'pregnancy' were a derogatory word. And so it was at that stage until we got to say ' I  do' .

Unfortunately in our Ghanaian society a woman's estimated delivery date which is EDD as midwives and doctors call it, begins to be calculated immediately after you are done with your wedding reception. If you are lucky, they will give you a grace period of one year and when there is no sign of pregnancy, the emotionally unintelligent ones start to ask when you are getting pregnant while the others begin to give recommendations to see a doctor when you have not disclosed any information of difficulty in getting pregnant.

At this point the test kits become cheaper than they actually are to the those who indeed want to get pregnant and are trying their humanly best. Some stock a whole wardrobe with them and one would wonder where their clothes fit. As the years keep increasing as well the pressure from society, the test kits begin to lose their value and they eventually become the enemy. The anger some of these women vent on the test kits when results come out negative one would think they play a major role in they not getting pregnant. As a test kit becomes a friend to some women after saying ' I Do' and becomes an enemy to others after equally saying ' I Do' , I will suggest every woman before even saying those vows should check with their doctor to take care of the needful since so many things come into play before you can get pregnant. Do your human ly best, leave what you cannot control to God and try to manage societal pressures.

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