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Divorce Affair

'You don't have the strength to take care of him' - Dad breaks down after losing child custody

On the left side of His Lordship Kwame Gyamfi Osei, sat the calmed parents of Fiifi Sam (Sampson Fiifi). The courthouse of the Goaso Circuit Court was full of new faces as all have trooped in to watch and listen to the final hearing of Sam Fiifi vs Mary Asantewaa. Fiifi with the confidence of winning this case sat at the back of his parents; Rtd. Captain Leonard Fiifi Abraham and Mrs Elizabeth Fiifi, and crossed his legs like a circuit steward waiting to read his public announcement on church finances.

Murmuring upon murmuring kept coming from the crowd as the judge ignored them all until the arrival of the court clerk, Mensah Ethan, a University Of Ghana graduate. Mensah was on an errand from the courtroom to the car garage for the judge's briefcase, a bag the court security had forgotten in the car while lifting the judge's things to the courthouse.

Order! Order!! Order!!! in court, the soft masculine voice of his Lordship Judge Kwame Gyamfi Osei said as he hit the court gravel to send a final warning; any sound that comes from within will never be tolerated again. The warning shook the entire building like a cemetery when men and women of strength and faith, kept mute throughout the court readings.

We are gathered here to listen to the final ruling of this courthouse on the faith of a 9-year-old boy; Leonard Godsbrains Fiifi, the son of Fiifi Sampson and the late Matilda Fiifi, sorry Matilda Asantewaa the judge corrected himself. Cases like this always break people down but no matter what happens here today, nobody should see it as a loss because the child's priority is bigger than all parties involved.

This court, after accessing all the evidence presented to it, rules that, Leonard Godsbrains Fiifi should be kept at his exact place and made to live and enjoy the life of a mother until he attains maturity and can decide where he wants to be. For now, the deceased mother's family; Matilda Asantewaa will continue having custody of Leonard Fiifi, the judge made the final ruling.

Fiifi Sampson had anticipated winning this case and had brought everything he had to fight it but luck was not on his side as he lost it. Fiifi Sam, the father of Leonard Godsbrains Fiifi, had dragged his late divorced wife's family to court over their failure to hand over his son to him after the woman's death and burial.

The Bretuo family of the Goaso Ancella settlement community had refused to give Fiifi Sam the custody of his nine-year-old son, because of the will of his late divorced wife. Matilda Fiifi, the wife of Fiifi Sam, became a divorced woman on 26 March 2020 after her divorce papers were signed. 

Matilda Fiifi then became Matilda Asantewaa after she had appended her signature to the divorce papers making it final to say goodbye to her husband. She died on 28 January 2021 after a three-week illness. Even when Matilda was sick on a hospital bed for three weeks before her death, her son wasn't allowed to go stay with the father; Fiifi Sam but was allowed to stay with her elder sister Mary Asantewaa.

Leonard sat happily with his mother Mary and family

Mary, throughout Matilda's three weeks of bedridden, gave her life to the young Leonard Godsbrains Fiifi as his second mother. This made Leonard continue to live with Mary after his mother's death in January 2021, but Fiifi could not come to terms with his divorced wife's family when they agreed on Mary housing Leonard.

Matilda's social security and other things, all went to her sister Mary Ansatewaa because of the bond the sisters had before death separated them, but Fiifi Sam thought the courts were going to come to his aid when he run towards the Goaso Circuit Court for help on child custody.

Circuit court judge told Fiifi Sam categorically that, he had no strength in dealing with a growing boy. You don't have the strength of being a mother, you don't have the strength of taking care of him, allow the caretaking mother to continue her work whiles you continue your financial obligation, the judge said in ending his ruling.

Fiifi Sam sat sharing tears on his seat as the judge dismissed the case. It's still not lost, you can fight for appeal his lawyer Ernest Sasu said in consoling the worried Fiifi Sam. 

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