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Enjoy Your Midweek With These Funny Pictures.

What do you do when you're not in the mood or a little tired or had a long day? These pictures will brighten you up with how funny they are. See them below:

This is quite tough when you happen to be the only one to keep the person cheerful.

Well, we all have our styles of sitting. The picture below shows how to sit correctly in order not to hurt your spinal cord which in the long run causes joint pain and other body deformations. But I would want to feel more comfortable in my bed doing my own thing.

Mothers can be sometimes annoying because of the way they can sometimes be when communicating and we also see them most of the times as compared to rate at which we see our fathers, which also contributes to the way we behave towards them. It doesn't justify our actions anyway.

Have you ever gotten to the point where you totally forgot your pass code or password and you just have one more attempt to make else your phone gets blocked. It could cause you to sweat, you know.

Most people especially parents tend to exaggerate in telling their stories into making their children or hearers believe how strong they were growing up. But I bet you, you should have been there to witness what really happened because they will probably hide their weak spots.

Have you had any of these experiences before? Share with us...

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