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Preparing for pregnancy

Teenage Pregnancy In Ghana

Teenage pregnancy has been a major problem associated with adolescence encountered by female adolescents and teenagers across the country. This is a major problem because most of these children that are born as a result of teenage pregnancy

tend to become a burden on the family and society as well. Most of these babies are not properly taken off by their teenage mothers who usually do not have enough funds to take care of them. Teenage pregnancy can be caused from different factors and attention should be given to these young girls at this stage to help lower the risk of getting pregnant. 

One major cause of teenage pregnancy in the country is poverty. Poverty has been a major cause of most of the negative lifestyles in the country. Most of these teenage mothers come from very poor homes and for this reason, they are easily lured by the opposite sex into having sexual activities in order to get money.

Upon hearing money, these poor little girls are willing to do anything to get it. They see their peers from well-to-do home who own attractive things they wish for themselves. Since their parents are not able to provide these things for them, they end up having sex with either older men or males of their age group, with the intention of gaining what they need at the end. They forget that, having sex could lead to pregnancy. They also forget that the money and gifts will last for a shorter period while the burden of the babies that will come out will last for a very long time. 

Aside poverty, another cause of teenage pregnancy in our country is bad parenting. This is when parents do their responsibilities seriously in the course of raising their children. Some parents do not pay attention to the kind of lifestyle their children portray. They do not correct their children when they go wrong. They allow their teenagers to do whatever they want thinking that, doing this will make their children happy. However, there are also some parents who are too busy with their jobs and do not have time to monitor their wards.

Children from such homes could engage in sexual activities outside their homes without the knowledge of their parents, and end up getting pregnant. 

Curiosity and some adventurous behaviours associated with adolescence leads to teenage pregnancy in the country. They usually want to know more about almost everything and at the same time, they want to try things that interests them.

As they hear about sex, see sexual activities on the television and watch pornographic materials without the knowledge of their parents, they become too curious and want to feel it on their own bodies. Upon watching these, they end up having sexual activities with the opposite sex, especially the ones they get attracted to. Aside their own peers, or other older people, some adolescents take the risk of having sexual intercourse with their own family members. 

The lack of proper education on reproductive health also causes the increase in teenage pregnancy in the country. Most parents have left reproductive health education in the hands of school teachers. In many homes, hardly will you find parents educating their adolescents on reproductive health. Most parent would not like to mention the names of genital organs in front of their adolescents.

Though they might be doing this with the intention of preventing their children from using those words in public, they end up occupying the minds of these adolescents with knowing more about their genital organs and why their parents refuse to talk to them about it. Some adolescent girls start menstruation, and do not get any proper reproductive health education to caution them that, at that stage, they could get pregnant easily. If they used to be involved in secret sexual activities, there is no one to educate them to stop and explain the dangers associated with it. There are girls who start menstruating at a very early stage and are not advised about the dangers of having sexual intercourse at that time. 

Sadly, enough, there are innocent young girls who also get pregnant as a result of sexual abuse such as defilement. These ones may be living good lifestyles and at the end, suffer defilement, leading to pregnancy. Hopefully, the laws of Ghana are made in a way to deal with exposed males who defile these girls. 

In conclusion, teenage pregnancy continues increase in our country and for this reason, parents and teachers should do well to properly educate adolescents in the country about their reproductive health and the dangers of not living a chaste life. 

By: Grace Opoku

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