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Whoever Told You That I Am The Cause Of Your Barrenness Is Deceiving You: Netizen Tells Daughter

In the settings of most African society, there has always been a debate as to whether the role of a mother outweighs that of the father in the upbringing of the child. Most often than not, the argument always end up with both sides agreeing that the mother has an irreplaceable role in the child's life. That notwithstanding, these children in question, end up blaming their misfortunes on their mothers either on the basis of witchcrafts or generational curses. There has been several "injustice" recorded against mothers all over the world. Today, a woman named Alex reign, shared a story of how her daughter blamed her for her current barrenness at the comment session of her daughter on Facebook. See what she said.

"I told you the secret which I never told anyone especially your elder sisters. I had the hope that you would be the shining star amongst my children. But what did I get in return, upon selling all that is precious to me in other to take of your education. You now got married and you are accusing me of your seven years barrenness for which I knew nothing about. I decided not to say a word concerning this issue because I knew you have taken your decision that you do not even want to set your eyes on me or even hear my name. I must say this; whoever told you that I am the cause of your barrenness is deceiving you, I am saying this not because I want something from you and your husband but because I am a mother. My heart is bleeding over my daughter and I know someday you will remember me and cry. I wish you well"

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