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Pregnancy period

Causes of teenage pregnancy in Africa and how to solve it.

Teenage pregnancy is a pregnancy between the ages of 10-19 . Teenage pregnancy has now become common in Africa and it is due to the following reasons causes.

First of all teenage pregnancy happens as a result of broken homes.When the mother and the father breakup the relationship it becomes difficult for the teenage girls tofeed themselves . Which will bring their minds to start doing anything which will give them money, because if the girl needs something and she consult her father,the father will ask her to go to her mother and the mother will do the because the are not in relationship anymore so none of them don't mind whether the child will eat or not.

Again, teenage pregnancy comes as a result of ignorance.She might not know that if she have sex she will get pregnant and also bad influence can cause teenage pregnancy in a sense that her friends will explain the feeling that you get from having sex with a man and will result in teenage pregnancy.

It can be prevented through abstinence from sex and as well bad friends so that you can go higher.

Parental controls and care also help prevent teenage pregnancy.The mother must get closer to the child and give her all her needs so that she will not go to man for sex before getting those needs.

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