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Remember the baby that was born smiling? See what she looks like now

Truly, God works in a wonderful way. The couple's story is one of the most exciting one. After praying for the baby for so many years, she was blessed with a baby by God who was born with a smile. 

Last year, the a picture was shared by this beautiful couple of their pregnancy on social media asking for prayers as the young woman had encountered miscarriages twice before. Surely God will never forsake his children. Later, they shared pictures of their baby shortly after it was born. Many people were shocked to see pictures of a beautiful baby girl. The wasn't born crying unlike other babies do, but this particular baby was born with a smile on her face. A lot people say that the smile on her face is a sign from God that their prayers have been answered. See her beautiful photos below:

Many people responded with love and left messages congratulating the couple after they have shared the good news on social media. The pretty girl has now grown to become very beautiful. Below are her latest stunning images.

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