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Pressing Babys' Head With Hot Water Causes Psychological Problems - Psychiatry Spokesperson Advises

The spokesperson for Accra Psychiatric Hospital, Emmanuel Aboagye Appiah spoke on Adom FM advising women who bathe babies to put a stop to the act of pressing the heads of babies with hot water to reshape it. He said this causes psychological problems for the child.

He explained that the shaping of the baby's head begins in the womb and takes its final shape when it comes through the clitoris of the mother, therefore there is no need to press it to give it another shape. This act he said has no significance on the child. The pressing of the baby's head puts pressure on the head and can affect the thinking capabilities of the child when it grows up.

Many mothers in this part of our world are fond of doing that, especially with babies with big heads. He also advised against corporal punishments such as beating children at their backs. He said there is a nerve at the back connecting to the brain. Hence if it is tempered with, it causes psychological problems as the child grows.  

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