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25-Year Old Lady Set To Undergo Surgery To Remove Her Womb, Says she Doesn't Want Babies

Children are one of the gifts of life, a lot of people hope and pray that one day they will get to have children of their own.

Everyone has a right to pursue choices that others may consider unwise.

There are exceptions, however. There are also others who have no wish to have children. One of them is a young woman on Twitter who goes by the handle @pyria.

On her Twitter feed, the youthful 25-year-old informed her followers about a recent surgery she was due to have. She will never be able to have children if the surgery is successful.

We believe that everyone has the Right to Make Choices. Supported Decision-Making is a way people can make their own decisions and stay in charge of their lives.

'This is my choice,' she insisted, adding that she has never been married, pregnant, or had a child in her life before. Because she wants to keep it that way, the operation was necessary for her.

Everyone has the right to make his own decisions, but none has the right to force his decision on others.

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