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30 Beautiful Shoes For Toddlers Who Are Ready For Preschool

What a lovely feeling to have your baby growing up into toddler and now ready for preschool. A toddler is a child who is between 1 to 3 years. Most working parents send their children early to school because they are very busy at work. In order to provide for the family, one must work. The incredibly and amazing results of a child going to school early is that they learn quickly, faster and become more intelligent as they grow up in my opinion. All their brain is centered on learning new things and exploring.

Sometimes, some toddlers are slow to learn or absorb new things but it is just a matter of time. With patience, encouragement, tolerance and lots of love thar you show them, they would pick up. Toddlers love to have fun alot. They like toys, finger and face painting, shopping and going to playgrounds. Do you know that children love new dresses or new shoes too especially when they are now going to school. Children love shoes that are beautiful and colourful and it catches their faster.

Check these lovely shoes that your toddler would love to wear to school. See photos below:

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