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Chord prolapse: An obstetric emergency every expectant mother should know.

Hello Philadelphian, please welcome and follow for more.Gone are the days where a lot of pregnant women used to die during delivery but lately,a lot of things have been put in place to drop the numbers from escalating.Though a lot of mothers deliver naturally without any emergencies but 15% of every 100 expecting mothers are at a risk of one complication or the other.

There are a lot of obstetric emergencies that are life threatening but I would like us to focus our attention on chord prolapse.This is the state whereby the chord of the foetus comes out before the head does during or before delivery.As a mother,you should know the chord serves as a transportation of all nutrients and blood supply from the mother to the foetus and the prolapsed chord indicate the foetus is lacking all that.

The cut off of the blood supply can make the mother loose the baby or cause a co.plication like sever asphyxiation after delivery.

When a mother sees this in the house,she should assume the knees to chest position to sustain the foetus till she gets help.It should be treated as emmergency and caesarean section is recommended immediately. Thanks for reading.

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