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Husband and wife relationship

Lady in trouble, as she asks should I tell my husband About how the Godfather cast out the demons.

Lady lament to the public for an idea. She wrote “ Dear folks, I am 37 years old and have been married for the past 7 years. 

My husband and I have been trying to have a baby but to no avail. Our medical reports indicate we both have absolutely no issue with childbirth. Hmmm. 

It was never a problem until the family of my husband started asking questions, and even insisting he takes a second wife.

My husband loves me so much that he has no intention of taking a second wife. He tells me how his family is putting pressure on him to start looking elsewhere to make babies. 

He took me to our Godfather to counsel and support us in prayer. For about 6months later we visited our Godfather on the same childbirth, issues. After meeting him, he asked my husband to speak with me alone. So my husband left us.

He tells me am suffering from spiritual marriage and the only way out is to sleep with me to cast out the demons in me. He warns me not to let my husband know about it. Hmmm. It took me a couple of months to think through what our Godfather said.

Desperately on my part to have babies for my husband I finally agreed. I booked an appointment with Our Godfather and he arranged to meet me in a hotel. We both disguised ourselves in a nose mask, cap and 👓 glasses.

When we got to the hotel room he started praying in tongues whilst undressing me. I laid quietly on the bed still praying in tongues, he poured and rubbed anointing oil on his manhood and inserted me. 

I asked him why didn't he protect me? He said his sperm is holy and that will cast out the demons in me. So he came inside of me. 

After the act, I was so embarrassed when I came home. On that same day, In the evening my husband also slept with me. 

Now it's over 4weeks after that shameful act, I missed my period. I took a PT only to realize am 7weeks pregnant. 

Obviously the pregnancy is my husband’s. Am full of the guilt and so disappointed in me. I feel like my Godfather took advantage of me and I want to tell my husband.

My husband has noticed am not of myself and look troubled lately. He keep asking if am not happy to be pregnant.

Now the question is should I tell my husband?“

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