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Preparing for pregnancy

I Urinate In A Glass And Add Salt After 'Seks' And I Was Moved By What Happened

I will show you my secret, that is how my boyfriend and I save the money we used to waste on test strips after we engage in adult activities. This method works for me and some of my friends have also tried and their feedback is something you should hear, so keep reading.

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You are reading this probably because you don’t want to get pregnant or you maybe you have played an adult game with your partner and will like to know if the outcome won’t lead to pregnancy.

Well, that’s what I want to share with you. For some time now, my man and I have been wasting money on test strips almost five tests every week. Yes, five tests and that’s because I love to have the moment with my guy and he fixes me well.

Homemade Pregnancy Test With Salt: Are The Results Accurate?

 One day I was there and decided to google other alternatives to testing pregnancy aside from the use of strips and fortunately, I found one. I tried the method and the outcome was an accurate one. The method is about using Salt and Urine for testing pregnancy. Here is the process.

How To Test For Pregnancy Using Salt and Urine

What you will need

#Glass or transparent container


#Urine – fresh from the morning


Early in the morning, the first thing you should do is urinate into a glass or any transparent container. Add two tablespoons of salt to the urine and stir. Leave the mixture to stand still for some minutes.


If you observe or see a creamy white clump, then the test is positive which means you are pregnant. However, If there is no reaction then it implies the test is negative and by that, you are not pregnant.

Why this method works?

The urine is known to contain some hormones properties which react with salt to form a white creamy clump like foam when the two ingredients (urine and salt) are brought together.

What can I use apart from salt?

Well, if you don’t want to use salt, you can go for sugar and the result should read like the one above.

Try this anytime you go on a blue with your man to know if you are pregnant. Do it a week after you do the adult stuff.

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