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Things You Should Never Say To Children If You Want Them To Be Great.

What parents say to their wards mostly determines the personalities of the children. Parents ought to be very selective of the words they use towards their kids. Have you ever wondered how that toxic friend of yours will behave if he or she became a parent? Could it be because of how she or he was treated while growing? We should know what to say to kids in our community. Below are some things you should never say to children whether they're yours or not.

1. Using offensive words. "You're short." " You're too fat". "You're too ugly ". Children mostly believe whatever adults tell them, their parents most especially. What we say to then affect their confidence and self esteem. Everytime they look in the mirror, they hear you scream those offensive words and hence they believe that that's who they're.

2. Unnecessary comparison. We're all unique. We ain't perfect. We all have our flaws. Children are still figuring the right from wrong. They're still learning to conform with societal standards and hence might stray away once in a while. Theres no need to compare them to their peers.

3. Making the children feel like burdens. "I wish I used a condom." "I wish I didn't give birth to you ". I personally don't know any heartbreaking words worse than these. Statements like these make children feel they're useless and might start having suicidal thoughts. It makes them feel like they're in the wrong world.

4. Threatening abandonment. Threatening to leave children might let them have abandonment issues. They start to fear that the people they love so much will leave them because of who they're. When they grow up, this believe will be engraved in their minds. They don't really trust the fact that individuals who love them will always be there for them.

5. Empty promises."If you do this, I'll get you that. " But then they don't do it. When adults make false promises to kids, the kids are very confident that they'll fulfill them. When they don't, it breaks the child's trust. It makes the child feel betrayed. The child might end up having trust issues.

Have you ever been a victim of these abuses? How did it feel? Please leave your experiences in the comment section. 

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