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Pregnancy period

Intrauterine Fetal Demise (IUFD): What Every Pregnant Women Should Know.

Intrauterine fetal demise(IUFD) is use to describe the death of a baby in a mothers womb after 28th-29th weeks of gestation. Pregnancies that are lost earlier are known as Abortions and are treated differently.

Fetal demise is defined differently across the globe but according to the world health organisation, 98% IUFD occurs in the low and developing countries.

Causes of IUFD.

The most common cause include.

-placenta disorders like placenta previa, placenta abruptio, vasa previa.

- Placental dysfunction that leads to fetal growth restriction

- Utrine rupture.

-umbilical cord complications like cord prolapse and cord presentation.

Women who are at risk.

Several factors come into play that put a woman at a higher risk for IUFD.

- Women with health problems determine your ability to carry your baby to term. Health problems such as hypertension, Diabetes, kidney disease.

-Women who have developed the habit of smoking tobacco and consuming alot of alcohol are also at a higher risk of IUFD.

-Obese women are also at risk of losing their baby before term.

-Maternal age of 35years and above are more likely to lose their babies.

-Multiple Pregnancies (carrying more than one fetus) also increases your risk.

- Pregnant women who are exposed to violence can affect her fetus as well.


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