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What will you do to these children if they do this in your absence? - See more pictures.

Children are very funny and amazing. They can do a lot of strange things. Some are very inquisitive while the others just observe patiently as the elderly ones make their moves. In all cases, children are learning from what they find others doing.

They are well-known for their vivaciousness and playfulness, but these traits also have a negative side, as playful children can cause minor household damage. When they are combined with household objects, they can do the unthinkable.

Parents' duty is to look after their children and keep them safe from harm.

When a child is doing something wrong, a parent should try to correct his or her child.

These are some pictures of little children who created minor havoc in their homes as a result little freedom they obtained.

Kindly take a look at them and tell us what punishment you would impose on them if you were their parents.

Your comments and likes are appreciated.

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