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Mother Of A New Graduate Lays Her Fabric On The Ground For Her Son To Stroll Over

Mother's love is indeed unconditional. And there is nothing that can replace mother's love when if you are good child or not.

A mother endures the good, the bad and the ugly from their children and always hands out hugs and kisses.

Mothers love is the strongest and the perfect love everyone have ever come across (expect you have a reason for that). In times of stress, uncertainty, fear, and when all hopes are lost we find comfort in mothers. Their words are like a sword piercing into our heart.

A mother of a new graduate has shocked the media after she set out her fabric on the floor for her son to stroll over.

In the video located on Instagram, the mother who was welcoming her son back home in the wake of finishing his degree was seen sobbing in blissfully.

The woman was found thrilled as she watched her son strolling towards the house with his graduation outfit on.

The story had it that the mother who was not wealthy, couldn't get a present for his son so she chose go give him a unique treat.

In order to make her son feel unique and appreciated, she lays down her own fabric on the ground for her scholar son to walk on.

Isn't that Amazing, God should bless all mother's

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