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Meet the 70+ years old lady who has never married or had children and does not regret.

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Rev. Martha Mumbai is a pastor in Anglican Church in Ghana, she is in her 70's. On an online interview she revealed that she has never married nor had any children, she later explained that she had no regrets about that since is a personal choice.

She said in 1972, she entered a romantic relationship but the man that she gave her heart to cheated on her and this was the straw that broke the Camel's back. After that relationship broke due to what the man she thought love her did, she made a decision to never get married or have any children. A decision she has never taken back to this day.

Rev. Martha is a happy single woman who is now at the age of 70 years who says a has no regrets about her decision she made about 50 years ago.

Is it right for a pastor to do this since the Bible even approve marriage and giving birth. What do you think about what she has done and can you do that?

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