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Pregnancy period

Checkout What The Dark Straight Line On A Pregnant Woman’s Stomach Mean

The dark line on your pregnant belly is the linea nigra, also known as the pregnancy line in some cases. About 80% of pregnant women notice the structure of the linea nigra during pregnancy. Usually occurs after the main trimester. Not attractive for pregnancy. It can also happen to men when they are not pregnant.

Linea nigra is a Latin term which literally means "black line". This is the name used to describe the dark vertical lines that often appear on the belly of pregnant women in mid-pregnancy.

There are a small number of false traits that people swear by can dictate a child's orientation to a pregnant person. Some of these seem implausible, for example in the case of a pregnant woman who craves sweet rather than spicy food, being claimed to have a young woman. Or conversely, if we assume that the expectant mother's hands are dry during pregnancy, it may mean that she is pregnant, or that there is nothing special.

There is nothing you can do to prevent pregnancy streaks. This is a natural part of pregnancy. The good news is that it usually subsides and disappears as soon as your baby is born. You may think that the black line that runs down your belly is ugly. The good news is that the linea nigra is harmless.

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