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Moxie the childcare robot.

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, a new gadget pops up into the scene and dazzles you.

These new technologies prove that the future maybe a lot closer than we think it is. These

days leaving children all alone in front of tablets and computer screens is a recipe for

disaster and a mindless use of technology. Why not replace their screens with mindful

technology that will direct their focus and energy in a positive way. That’s where Moxie

comes into the picture. Moxie, the childhood development robot helps children learn

through playing. It may be seen as both a friend and teacher that uses play based learning to

help children gain cognitive, emotional and social skills. It can read to children and also

listen to them read and enhances their stories with sound effects and enables to track their

child’s learning and growth on their smartphone. Moxie is even large enough to feel like a

little friend and can be a very useful technology that aids in childcare.

Although these are seemingly good things to be proud of, handing over the care of a child to

a robot may not be the smartest idea. Although Moxie is a smart robot, in my opinion

technology will always have its flaws and when dealing with a human life form such as a

child, in any event of an error, things may end catastrophically therefore parents must be

careful and not indulge in such an idea completely. Technologies like Moxie may one day be

prone to disaster therefore it must also be examined with care in order for parents to truly

evaluate its use. For example, a robot that has gained the trust and emotional attachment

of a child is more likely to corrupt the child overtime rather than be of help. This new

advancement in childcare is fascinating and indeed the future is bright.

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