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Sad: See the heart touching story of a woman who sleeps on the road side with her baby for years

Some people are really suffering but nobody knows unless they tell you their story. Some people think the people suffering on the streets did not go to school or did not live a better life on earth. Let's get started by the way.

Maria is a 43 years old woman who lives on the street with her baby after her husband rejected her because of her baby, let's see her story.

Maria was just 11 years old when her only mother died. She had no family member to support her because her only mother told her that she was bought from an orphanage. When her only mom died, she had no one to support her in school so she had to dropout from school.

She wandered on the street for help but got no one, she then begged for food, money and stuffs till she became 32 years old. She was a street woman now so lots of people knows her and support her as well.

She met a rich man who took care of her and took her as his wife but they weren't married. They lived in an average but good looking house with everything she wanted in it. She was pregnant at the age of 40 with that same man.

The man wasn't ready for a baby so told her to abort the baby but it was risky so after much talk they finally made an agreement to throw the baby away when it's born. The baby was born and Maria was so emotional so couldn't throw her own baby away.

Her husband quarreled with her multiply times to send the baby away somewhere but Maria insisted on keeping the baby, he gave her two chances to either go back on the street with the baby or stay in the house.

As we all know she picked the baby and was thrown on the streets far away from the region with the baby by the husband. Maria got a little support to help provide food for herself and her baby.

See their picture below:She slept on the street for two years with her baby. She needed support but didn't get, she had to wander on the street and after a shop closes she sleeps in front. She sleep in front of a store closed and get up from there when the store owner comes.

Currently, God has blessed Maria and she now has a place to live with her baby. She is working as a cleaner in a rich house and earns a lot.

Have you experienced such a touching story as that?

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