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Phases of Labour You Didn't Know

Going into labour is not an easy thing. Women go through a lot of struggle when they are due.

Most women because of the pain complain that midwifes are not sensitive to their plight and in most cases describe some as not fit for the job. But there is more to child birth than we always complain about

There are three phases you go through with regards to labour. You might be having agonies and constrictions yet then your cervix may not be completely enlarged or dilated. 

1. The initial phase of labour 

In this stage the cervix which is the opening of the uterus opens from 1cm to 10cm. The opening of the cervix is because of sufficient contractions. Pushing through an undilated cervix can cause tears.. It might take around 6 to 18 hours or less relying upon the mums parity and a few elements or factors. 

2. The second phase of labour

The cervix is completely expanded and child can go through the birth channel with no tear or harm to the cervix 

3. The third phase of labour 

During the third phase of labour, the placenta which was the main connection with the mother is additionally conveyed. Report if after the birth of your placenta you are encountering extreme bleeding.

To have a smooth delivery, you should be ready for it. You need to as well help out your midwife and doctor too.

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