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After parents placed a hidden camera in their baby's room here is what they caught him doing

Whether you’re keeping an eye on the kids or their caretakers, nanny cams are a great home security tool.

Nanny cams offer parents peace of mind.

It can be difficult to leave your children in someone else's care, especially with a new nanny or babysitter. Nanny cams can provide comfort by giving you the ability to see that your kids are safe and content.

A certain little baby had gone viral on social media after a hidden was placed in his room and he was caught doing what he never did before thinking no one would see him.

The baby seems to be on a crawling stage therefore the parents did not know that he could actually walk. They placed a hidden camera and in the video you could see the baby standing up and walking properly. He even held his milk bottle in his hand as he was walking and went ahead to pour down the milk.

Children build a mental map as they experience the world around them. They understand that people have negative and positive feelings in response to the world around them. They also understand that people are goal-oriented and intentional in their actions.

If your baby is blessed with unusual intelligence, you will notice the signs quite early during infancy. As a parent, it’s alright to feel that your baby is truly gifted.

As soon as he had the father walking in he knelt down and started crawling back to where he had been left acting like he had never walked in his life. This video was really funny in the eyes of so many people who concluded that babies can indeed be scam artist.

There is no solid explanation as to why this baby did what he did. Maybe the baby thought it would be wrong to be seen walking or maybe he just thought crawling for him was a lot faster.

Babies who are gifted with additional intelligence are emotionally intense, too. This means, they will feel both, positive and negative emotions quite strongly and will have a complex and mature thinking. 

When babies are born, most of their waking time is spent observing their surroundings, people, and their various movements. A gifted baby will seem to make eye contact with the person holding or speaking to him/her. 

This could also lead to an advanced level of perception. Your baby may be highly sensitive to any changes in its immediate environment, which is a definite sign of heightened perception levels. Your baby may want to wipe your tears or hold you close, if he/she notices a change in your emotional make-up, which is a definite sign of high intelligence in toddlers.

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