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50 years Old Woman Gave Birth To Her First Baby

This got me emotional,50 years old woman gave birth to her first baby.This has got massive reactions online

Woman, I celebrate you greatly! Our God is faithful and He is a covenant keeping God. I also celebrate with the husband for standing by his wife for all these years. I blessed God for your life.

Congratulations to you continue to enjoy the greatness of God, more are still coming. Indeed God is a convenant keeper,He do things at His own appointed time!He is so faithful Glory be to His name in the highest.

God is faithful! When I was having my third born,a woman got triplets at 53 It was so emotional,hubby was saying how his family was forcing him to remarry but he jammed trusting God!

This is so pleasing to watch. To every family expecting this kind of surprise from God.. Before the end of this year, blessed Children wud locate you.

Congratulation with all the barber do all people may say against you but God still put everyone of them to shame the next child will give birth to will be a triplet

Im 34years andn was humiliated and abused by many pipo in my small town of how I'm astone,my uterus isrotten i was used as asacrifice by my late dad for riches even the deaf could afford to send amassage in their state. 

Men used me as asteping stone to where they want to be God purnish them,oh God it hurts me so much that after all these years of pain and tears together with my dad as my counselor God calls my dad to glory when i was just 3month pregnant.

I have no one so close to share my bundle of joy coming put in the next few weeks,but im still grateful to God he has answered me.

And i will forever be grateful to him that he remembered me! congratulations to them at 50 and to all those who lost hope dont worry....God knows no age time or status he blesses at his time.

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