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If you want to have male children, eat these 5 tested foods that are scientifically proven

Having a son brings joy to every man, at first he sees him as a successor in his family tree and as a keeper of his name, especially when such a man is deeply rooted in African culture. If you're having a hard time fathering a man, the food below will help you have not only one but twins as well.

A study of 740 pregnant women seemed to show that diet can affect the sex of the baby. Of the women who ate whole grains every day, 59% had sons. Researchers have linked high sodium and potassium intake to labor in men

Dairy products

In 2006, drg. Gary Steinman found that those who ate animal products, especially dairy products, were five times more likely to have twins. In other words, if you want to multiply the problem, prepare milk and cheese. Some studies believe that these results are due to the use of insulin-like growth factors in cattle.

Sweet potato

The opening stimulates your ovaries, increasing your chances of having multiple births. According to several articles, African tribes whose diets are rich in sweets have a birth rate twice the world average.

fruits and vegetables

Women who take a lot of vitamins are more likely to welcome two packs of happiness. (In other words, those who eat a lot of fruit and vegetables.) If you don't like sweets, these can also help: kiwifruit, carrots, sweet potatoes, broccoli, asparagus, and bean sprouts.

Dietary supplements with folic acid

An Australian study found that some women were more likely to become pregnant with twins if they took folic acid before trying to have a baby. Although results vary in these areas, folic acid is recommended for pregnant women to help prevent certain birth defects.


Previous research has found that vegans who don't eat meat — such as beef — are less likely to have twins. Those who are malnourished and/or underweight are less likely to have twins, so start eating!

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