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Pregnancy period

Effect of teenage pregnancy which may lead to STD's in reference to young girls living in coastal

Peer pressure and sexual abuse

Peer pressure is another major cause of sexual abuse, often females may be pressured or forced to engage in sexual activity. These young females out of fear may feel forced to engage in unprotected sex without a choice.

Peer pressure may also be prevalent INA different in a different form while in relationships adolescents may be pressured by their partner to have unsafe and unprotected sex in order to express their love or true feelings for their partner. The partner may manipulate the other to have unprotected sex which leads to unintended pregnancy.

Media influence

The media has a large effect on teen pregnancy, especially shows such as teen mom and 16 and pregnant. These shows to often glamorize pregnancy and hide the true feelings associated with pregnancy which encourages these teens to become pregnant. Some teenage females become pregnant just so they are as to drop out from school or to force their partners into a deeper commitment. Rebellion is also another reason why some teens will become pregnant. In order to show their independence and deem themselves as having more control over their lives, a teen may decide to have a child. These television glorify the idea of having a child through the promotion of these teenagers having a more adult lifestyle, with more responsibility and decision-making power.

Please this is a reference of young girls living in a coastal areas and have decided to have boyfriends and also they have multiple which can also lead to sexually transmitted diseases. You can comment, share and also ask questions.

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