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How to use Salt and Lime to prevent Pregnancy

In the previous occasions our fourth father contemplated using prescription to prevent pregnancy so it is better we follow him , in light of the fact that most of this meds can destroy our body systems and along these lines causing us issue So various people use drugs which is astoundingly dreadful to human prosperity to hinder pregnancy, while you have ordinary strategies for thwarting it in this forming today I reveal to you the most ideal approach to use your normal resources 

There are so many benefit of lime yet I need to reveal to you that you can prevent pregnancy by using this 

Stage 1 

Get some lime ,it will in general be two or two depending upon enormous or minimal the size is 

Stage 2: press out the water 

Stage 3: seive out the seeds of those lime 

Stage 4. Put it in a glass cup 

Stage 5. Add some salt in it and drink after sex and it will make the sperm idle

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