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The T'adi Pregnancy Saga: Truth or A Ploy?

Some few weeks ago, we all heard the story of the pregnant woman who had been kidnapped whiles going for an early walk and the country was thrown into a frenzy. This is due to alarming rate of people getting missing or lost in the country.

Just some days ago, it was reported that the woman had been seen and her state was terrible as she could not speak but had to write whatever she wanted to say down on a paper. She was sent to the hospital amidst pending investigations as to what happened.

According to her statement, she said her abductors kept her till she delivered (she was in her 9th month) and took her baby. They had initially wanted to use her for rituals but on the account that she was a twin, they couldn't. She claimed other pregnant woman had also been taken and some killed.

Her story as usual has not been clear as several versions are out there. But just this Tuesday, the Deputy Western Regional Minster said according to the medical doctor handling the case, there is no sign of pregnancy whatsoever. Her family and loved ones have also issues out statement about how disappointed they are at the Minister for saying that.

Now the question is that "Is this another scheme for trend or another ploy to downplay the threat in the country?" Is it that the leaders are trying to allay the fears of Ghanaians as to what us happening or they have no solution to it because it is not funny anymore.

I see a lot of people commenting harshly about the husband for allowing the woman to go out early that morning. But why cant she go alone. Why should she not feel safe in her own country to go out alone?

I guess we would have to wait for the police to finalise their investigations on the case before making any judgement. But also, everyone should be safe out there because the streets is not what it used to be.

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