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How Do You Refer To The Cry Of A New Born Baby In English

Words are very useful aspects of our everyday lives irrespective of the language_ they are the units of almost every form of communication hence their importance. Lack of vocabularly at any given point in time is one thing that is sure to make one feel uneasy in addition to creating a bad impression about the speaker. As such, one should endeavour to always learn a new word with each day that passes by_ this undeniably would put you on the road to finally becoming someone who always knows what to say and when to say it. What do you say we learn a new word today? This word happens to be one that is known only to a selected few, very rare to hear it mentioned by someone. The word is " Vagitus", and it is used to refer to the first cry of a new born baby.That cry that usually affirms that the just delivered baby is alive and kicking. It could come in handy anytime soon, so do well to remember it and please don't forget to share this article to a few friends, pretty sure they would be very grateful.

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