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Are Children On Social Media Safe? See What This Couple Recorded Themselves Doing Live On Facebook

Note: The writer of this article is not seeking to promote 'sexual' immorality or advertisement of 'pornographic' content. The aim of this article is to caution parents to be vigilant on their little kids who use mobile phones.

It appears people can now do anything they want on Facebook. Formally, there were certain restrictions that prevent people from going live to show their private parts. When that happens that video is immediately pull down from their system but now people go to the extend of bonking each other on live video on Facebook.

Checking the screenshot from the live video below, a guy is on top of a lady smooching, kissing and bonking her as if they are acting 'blue' film. These days because of the cheapness of mobile phones, a lot of children are on Facebook. Some of them join Facebook groups and this video has been shared in numerous Facebook groups.

What are we training our generation to become? Some parents have purchased mobile phones for their children to learn and associates with their friends online without proper education. If a child comes across this video on Facebook, there is a high probability he/she will watch it. Facebook needs to take this video down and cleanse their system for a lot of children are on Facebook all the time.

You can also watch the video through this link (18+ only):

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