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3 Things Retired Teachers can do to Shape Society

Being a Teacher is a great profession to Uphold, its next to being a prophet as you predict the future to those you raise, you also become a father or mother as you guide those you raise to be better than you, no one works and wishes for people to be better than them except teachers.

Its fortunate and a trade that needs patience, it has no side issues nor easy roots to quick success but I'll urge teachers to treat students with care for one day your destiny ends in your own student's hand some times, lets nurture them with care and passion like we do to our biological kids.

Retiring as a teacher is laborious as the passion and zeal to work keeps ringing in the body, but what next, the system says you must rest, should that be the case?, certainly not.

What to do after Retirement at 60 Years

1. Teach in a Private School: Teaching in a Private School has no definite retirement age, many young and upcoming lads and damsels would love to have their grand father in front of them, blending his experience with some teaching methodologies, life has more to offer if we are willing to offer. A private school will be a good to place to spend your free time sharing the memories and the experiences with your grand children.

2.Start a Non Profit Organization: Being a non profit expert and stakeholder is great to behold, most especially in education, trying to venture into solving some basic education related issues in rural areas including carrying out donation exercises and social welfare projects to support the less privileged. That's the best time to support society before departing the world.

3.Join the Media: Teachers are good in communication and joining the media, either radio or Print will be good way to spend time, through the media, you'll be able to educate more people using a broader platform, share experiences and assist people to get heard, at the point you'll be targeted by a few, the truth will be your stand point and development communication will be good area to focus on.

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