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Husband and wife relationship

Woman Reveals Why Her Husband Didn't Sleep With Her For Three Years After Giving Birth To Two Kids

Francisca Osei Owusu from Asuowunu painfully shares why her husband didn't sleep with her for three after they gave birth to two children. According to the woman she has been staying with her husband for 30 years now. They were living peacefully and were also blessed with two children. The woman said their first child is 27 years old and the last child is also 20 years. Francisca detailed that when she conceived with her first child, her husband was not working to support her, it was her mother who helped them financially and also established a shop for them.

They were all staying in one room with her husband and siblings at that time. Francisca continued that her mother again gave part of her pension payments to the man to start his own business. They went to rent their room and she too started trading, they were able to buy land and built a house on it. Unfortunately, her mother-in-law fell sick and died within some months. During the mother-in-law's funeral rites, her husband introduced another lady to her as his niece.

She even doubted the lady because she has never seen her in the man's family members ever since they got married. The lady explained to her that they traveled for a long time that why she has not seen her among their family members. After the funeral her husband didn't come home again, she tried every means to know where he was but he lied to her that he is staying in their new house.

A few months later she found out that the lady her husband introduced to her as his niece is rather his sidechick and they were staying together in the house they have built. The man later packed his belongings and went to stay with his side chick. Few weeks later her friend informed her about their relationship, she went to their house to find out if it is true or not but her husband didn't open the door for her to enter the house. She informed the man's family members about her marital problems, they called her husband to advise him still he didn't listen to any of them.

She then packed her belongings out of the room they were renting and went to stay in the house they built. The sidechick then moved out of the house when she got there but still, her husband continued with the relationship with his side chick. Francisca revealed that her husband didn't sleep with her for three years because of the affair he had with his sidechick. She cried every night due to how her husband has been treating her. Francisca concluded that her mother keeps advising her to have patience till he changed his behaviour but she didn't see any changes in her husband behavior.

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