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The Parents Adopted a Chimpanzee So as to Grow With Their Child, But See What Happened To The Child

If you were a scientist, would your child be subjected to serious scientific experiments only to conclude, regardless of what will be required?

Winthrop's Story Niles Kellogg is an American psychologist who has decided to make a scientific experiment for his son, and what has happened will surprise you.

Winthrop had a son named Donald, and also a chimpanzee was taking and named her Gua. They were two (Donald and Gua) brothers and sisters, although Donald was a human and Gua a chimpanzee, the only differences.

Kellogg and his wife Luella have accepted Gua (chimpanzee) and wanted to experiment to find out if a chimpanzee would behave as a human being if raised with a real human.

Gua was seven months old at the time. Her son was then ten months old, back in 1940. If the experiment was carried out recently, it would definitely not be permitted, as Human Rights activists would not have allowed such a act.

Kellogg and his wife saw the two of them during several months as they were growing together and playing together and doing all together.

The experiment by Kelogg was designed to find out whether nature is essential to a person's development or nurture. Both were treated equally and none of them received special privileges.

As time went by, Gua became strange, and she had developed several human qualities, including the fact that they were able to go upright, and she would use a belt to eat. The only problem was that the power of speech can be influenced.

But this was not only the case, something strange was happening to his son Donald and as soon as possible the parents had to stop the experiment. Donald became a chimpanzee more than the chimpanzee.

Donald started to bit people, but he started to crawl like the sister now, although he could walk. More often, they would fight, but not as men, but as animals.

He wanted to remove strange sounds like chimpanzees whenever he wanted food. The Kellogg never thought things were going to turn out as they began to see.

Gua had more influence on Donald than Donald had on Gua, so the experiment was to be dropped by the parents immediately. Gua had to be taken, but died of pneumonia not long afterwards.

Donald began to grow normally after being separated and became a doctor. But for unknown reasons, he committed suicide and died at 42.

In fact, the experiment showed that humabeings can learn very quickly in comparison with animals.

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