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Meet The Mother That Can't Walk Or Stand But She Is Happily Married

Mariah Andrews was born with a condition known as brittle bone disease, this strange condition makes the bones to be very fragile, and to be able to break easily just like glass. Though Mariah Andrews who is 17inches tall, she can't stand up neither can she walk on her own, due to her bones did not grow properly. however, any little thing can hurt her. and cause her bones to break easily.

Though despite Mariah's condition, she still found love and was able to make a family she can proudly call her own. Though due to Mariah's condition, she is not able to have her own babies, So Mariah Andrews had to give birth through the help of a surrogate mother.

Mariah Andrews gave birth to a an adorable baby boy, but she is always careful around him in other for her bones not break entirely. Checkout some photos of Mariah living happily below;

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Mariah Andrews


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