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Checkout three kids who are positioned in a prayer mood. What do you think they are doing?

Normally kids are suppose to be all playful and cry about. However a picture of three kids in a circle positioned with their eyes closed have caused a stir on social media. The kids are seen holding their hands, eyes closed. This has leaved many people commenting about it. A section believe that, the kids come from a religious and a strong spiritual home. Hence their action. They believe they have been thought how to pray and how to hold their hands as well when praying. 

A section also believe that, they are just imitating their parents. Since children imitating or copy whatever their parents do, they will one day try to be like their parents. Parents who smoke one way somehow will have their kids doing the same thing. Likewise parents who behave in a morally upright way will have their wards doing same. Parents should always be a better version of themselves and not do things that their wards will see and copy. 

However this picture is clear indication that the kids come from a religious home and they always see their parents pray, hence what they are portraying in the picture. 

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