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Husband and wife relationship

A Woman Narrates What Her Husband Told Her After She Had A Fight With Their Tenant

A woman called Hagar from Aputuogya in the Ashanti region of Ghana met her husband known as Eric also from Asokwa when she was learning hairstyling. The woman shared that it took a long time before she accepted his proposal due to the work she was learning. She then went to stay with him for some years before she conceived.

Eric told her not to abort the baby when he found out that she is pregnant, he assured her that he will do all what he can to take care of her. The man provided her with everything she needs as he promised. Three months after she gave birth, Eric did the naming ceremony for their child and also got married to her.

The couple then went to rent a room at Ahensan but Hagar found out that she will share the same kitchen with another tenant called Frema. She was not happy about it and even advised her husband to look for another place but still, he didn't take her advice so they went ahead to stay in the house.

Hagar said he got a good relationship with the woman she was sharing the same kitchen within short time, they even shared their things in the kitchen together. Years later she got pregnant again but one day she woke up to find their kitchen door locked, she then decided to go back to her room for her key but Frema came out from her room and accused her that she is insulting because she has closed the kitchen door.

Frema then started insulting her and came to fight with her. The woman continued her husband came from the room to intervene and he sent her back to the room. Eric became angry at that moment, he told her she was not wearing anything under her dress and all the men in the house were at looking her nak3dness when she was fighting with the woman.

She tried to explain to Eric that she was wearing underwear but he didn't believe her, she even pleaded with him to forgive her for fighting with that woman. He went to inform his mother about what happened, Hagar again explained everything to her mother-in-law but still Eric doesn't want to be with her again because those men saw her nak3dness whilst she was fighting with their tenant.

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