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Why Do Babies Cry Soon After They Are Delivered?

Babies cry instinctively when a need hasn’t been met. Since a baby who has just been born is thrust into a completely alien environment, he or she needs the warmth and darkness that he or she is accustomed to. Also, one gets pretty hungry after not eating for 9 months. Since, he or she has an unmet need, he or she instinctively cries. So, why do babies cry when they need something? Babies that do not cry when they need something are more likely to be forgotten by their parents than babies who do cry. Babies who do cry are more likely to survive and propagate their genes. So, over millions of years, the genes that give baby the instinct to cry out populate the other gene. It’s survival of the fittest

1. Crying is not that extraordinary.

Crying uses coarse motor skills. Open mouth, push your diaphragm. No finesse required. The rooting reflex is much more extraordinary. Babies will start rooting around with their lips looking for the nipple. They will even start kneading with their hands as if they are pulling the breast towards their mouth. For a baby, that’s extraordinary fine muscle control. This is what they do right after they are born. This is truly amazing. And (almost) every baby does this without being taught. Again, evolution explains the rooting reflex. As extraordinary as it is, it isn’t a miracle.

2. Speaking of children doing things without being taught

No one teaches children how to learn. Most children have couple of instinctive behaviors that adults use to teach children new things. For examples, children love to mimic. Play peekaboo with a baby and you will see. Most children have an instinctual reaction when they see something interesting: they try to do it themselves. Also, most human children are naturally inquisitive. You hide a toy, and most 6 months old will look for it. Third, most children have an instinct to please the adult who is in charge. That’s what makes them sit and listen Without these instincts, we would never be able to learn and teach. And all these instincts aren’t learnt. In fact, children who lack these instincts end up having some sort of developmental delay.

There are so many amazing things about humans that are instinctive. I could go on an on. Our entire society is built around our instincts. It is amazing.. but still not a miracle. Evolution explains all of it.

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